Few words about the project

Online conference dedicated to the conscious growing up for the grown ups

GOAL: to generate interest in the conscious growing up for the grown ups during 3 days of the conference. To help the participants see themselves as a part of the process of evolution. Namely the part that has the power to become aware of its existence. The part of being a human who can contribute consciously to the natural evolution and to the harmonious development and growth of people, organizations, cities and countries.
Key thesis of the Conference
Glossy reality dictates people the values of young and beautiful personas, glorifying images of superficial and pretended success. Aspirations of a mature person are declared as outdated comparing to young, shiny and carefree clatter. But in reality, these "young" values and goals are outdated for an adult. We have already been there, we remember, respect and appreciate lessons learned from our youth. Everything has its time. And now the time has come to see new opportunities for evolutionary development of an individual and society. It is time for a new meaning of happiness - clear, brave, powerful and spiritually rich state of sophisticated mind and wise soul.
The culture of conscious growing up is not established
The world requires conscious, mature and responsible decisions
The civilization of people is suffering from significant crises occurring one by one. Humankind is shaken from endless series of difficult and unexpected challenges and from the consequences of shortsighted decisions. Many people assume that the reason for the absence of quick and effective responses to these crises is that we are still being influenced by egocentric and greedy values, the values which are forming our decision-making culture and governing our behavior. It is time to create conditions for a new mentality to emerge. It is time for responsibility and care, the truly adult forms of humanity.
There is a necessity for models of a vertical development
We know how to lead our children on their path to become grown ups but we still need to learn more about how continue to grow while being adults. The trajectory of individual life-long learning process should be supported by new scientific discoveries in the field of sustainable development. The knowledge of development stages is very useful, it describes the growing complexity and the beauty of mind. It is time to explore and study ourselves and our age dynamics. It is time to help ourselves and others to develop our increasing opportunities consciously.
The value of emotional maturity has increased a lot
The modern society requires from us to be attentive to each other and to show empathy for others. We should stop looking at ourselves and others as if we all are objects of consumption. Impersonal attitude towards a person leads to degradation on individual and societal levels. We have been learning for too long to compare ourselves with others, experiencing illusive joy of superiority or pain from disappointment. It is time to learn again how to love, appreciate and respect ourselves and others because of our incomparable origins. It is time to underline the beauty of differences and retrieve the power from uniqueness.

There is a necessity for models of a vertical development
The Organizing Team
Business coach and consultant in the field of strengthening structural forms of corporate culture and modern approaches to leadership;
The author of the idea and inspirator of the project
Anatoly Balyaev
Editor and translator of books about the Spiral Dynamics;
Organizer of the first international integrated online conference "Tools of the future";
Organizer of the series of the international integrated online conferences "The Great October Revolution" (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 years);
Author of the educational program "Evolutionary thinking", certified international consultant in the field of the Integral Spiral Dynamics;
Founder of the international Russian-language community of researchers and practitioners of the integral approach and vertical development with more than 8 000 people;
Founder of the Center for Human Emergence.
Author of the collection of short stories, poems and fairy tales "Everything is connected";
Business coach and consultant in the field of strengthening structural forms of corporate culture and modern approaches to leadership;
Project Coordinator
Svetlana Ermakova
Professional Coach (ICU);
Member of the International Union of Coaches ICU;
Moderator of psychological games;
Consultant in the field of assessment and development of HR;
Co-founder of the Center for Human Emergence.
Consulting psychologist;
External communication
Tatiana Poshatalova
Founder of the Integral Space Academy and the charity lecture hall «It's easy»;
Mindfulness teacher;
Organizer of educational events attended by more than 7 000 people;
Author and translator of psychological articles.
Practical psychologist;
Legal support, external communication
Anna Gavrilova
Founder of the project Supporting environment for business "LEAGUE of COACHES";
Consultant in the field of family business continuity and development of the family constitution;
Business lawyer, participant of legislative activity in the Russian Federation;
Certified consultant in the field of the Integral Spiral Dynamics.
Certified business coach (ICF);
Marketing and promotion
Anton Novikov
President of the Commonwealth of Eco-Exporters of Russia Wealleco;
Co-founder of:
- The Center for Human Emergence
- The Methods of Integral Development «M.I.R.»
- Trust Tool.
Expert in the field of "Turquoise organizations", "Evolutionary thinking", "Spiral Dynamics", Non-commodity exports from Russia and Blockchain technologies;
Coordination of internal processes, translations
Maria Myslivets
Professional Coach (ICU);
Eating disorders specialist;
Consulting psychologist;
Ideology of the project, communication with the speakers
Tatiana Naumova
25+ projects on federal channels in different roles (editor-in-chief, author-presenter, producer, project lead);
Professional moderator and facilitator.
Project manager (NTV, Gazpromedia);
Author of trainings for women
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